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2023 Fall
Jun 25, 2024
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MATH 0823 - Math for a Digital World

This course is not offered every year.

This course is about becoming an "informed user" of quantitative information. Do numbers make us more or less rational? What does "free" really mean? What's the difference between "correlation" and "cause"? How can we be misled by numbers? How can we make better decisions and have more effective discussions by understanding mathematics? Does it make sense to play the lottery? What are your chances of drawing the card you in need in a poker game? How long will it take you to save a million dollars assuming interest is earned but you keep spending? How does math play into the digital world that surrounds us, whether it is email, online tools or the creation of passwords, IDs or serial numbers? These and many other questions will be explored and answered throughout the course. NOTE: (1) This course fulfills the Quantitative Literacy (GQ) requirement for students under GenEd and a Quantitative Reasoning (QA or QB) requirement for students under Core. (2) Duplicate Course: Students cannot receive credit for CIS 0823/0923 if they have successfully completed MATH 0823/0923.
Credit Hours: 4.000

Levels: NonDegree Continuing Undergrad, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Base Lecture

Division: Undergraduate
Department: CST:Mathematics

Course Attributes:
GenEd Quantitative Literacy

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