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Class Schedule Listing - 2017 Summer I (May 17, 2024)


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The History of Rock & Roll - 6986 - HIST 3280 - 811
Notes: Repeatable for credit across different topics (consult with the AAC for details). Topical Section Description: In a 1970 Velvet Underground song, Lou Reed sang about Jenny who felt she was living a meaningless existence until "her life was saved by rock and roll." For many musicians and fans, rock'n'roll did indeed save their lives. When and why did this powerful new music emerge? What impact did it have on American society? How and why did this music change over time? We will explore these and other questions during the semester. This course will use a social history framework, so will focus on social, economic, cultural, political, and technological factors, and on the evolution of rock'n'roll. Among issues covered are the creation, distribution, and consumption of the music-including the crucial roles of musicians, DJs, music companies, and fans as well as foes. Also considered are the development of rock aesthetics and criticism, the cultivation of musicians' images, issues of race/gender/class, and the globalization of the music. As we examine rock'n'roll as a social/historical phenomenon we will listen to & study recorded examples to learn about its musical aspects: What are the musical roots of rock'n'roll, and what musics contributed to its early development? What characteristics of musical style have defined rock'n'roll music over the past half-century, and how have these changed through the years? You will learn how to listen to, understand and discuss the musical elements of rock'n'roll.

Associated Term: 2017 Summer I
Registration Dates: Mar 29, 2017 to Jun 02, 2017
Registration Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate

Japan Campus
Base Lecture Schedule Type
Classroom In-Person Instructional Method
Credit Hours: 3.000

Seats Available: 31

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 1:40 pm - 3:10 pm MWF Azabu Hall - Japan 00608 May 29, 2017 - Aug 02, 2017 Base Lecture Leonard Horton (P)E-mail, Douglas Karsner E-mail

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