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Class Schedule Listing - 2017 Summer I (May 29, 2024)


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Russian Politics - 7056 - POLS 4320 - 811
Topical Section Description: This course examines the past and present of Russian politics in an effort to help you make sense of the future when it arrives. We will examine aspects of the topic including the institutions, events, personalities, and issues that have shaped the country’s domestic and foreign policy. All politics is local, the US Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill famous said. The Russia brand of politics is unique because, unlike some liberal democracies that display a blend of moralistic behavior and almost cynical pragmatism, many current Russian leaders seem to want to restore the USSR, with all of its oppressive apparatus. Exploiting the country’s potential enormous power resources and capitalizing on the upheaval within the EU, NATO and the United States they might succeed. The goal of this course is to give you a broad overview of the process of policy making in Russia. To this end we will spend a good deal of time discussing the various academic models which seek to explain how political leaders make policy decisions. Along the way we will consider economic, security, and human rights issues. We will look at the Tsarist and Soviet “past” of these issues and (perhaps) make some predictions about “the future” of Russian foreign policy.

Associated Term: 2017 Summer I
Registration Dates: Mar 29, 2017 to Jun 02, 2017
Registration Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate

Japan Campus
Base Lecture Schedule Type
Classroom In-Person Instructional Method
Credit Hours: 3.000

Seats Available: 31

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 11:55 am - 2:10 pm TR Azabu Hall - Japan 00317 May 29, 2017 - Aug 02, 2017 Base Lecture John Masker (P)E-mail

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