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Class Schedule Listing - 2019 Fall (Jul 24, 2024)


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Creating Music for Media - 40383 - MSP 3890 - 801
Notes: An extra media fee of 13,200 yen is required. Topical Section Description: Music for film, documentaries, commercials, tv and radio is one of the most vital parts of creating a final successful product. There is a reason that composing for media is a full time career and in many universities an actual major. The media creator that understands first hand what is entailed in selecting, creating and building the perfect music to enhance the mood, the emotion, the viability of the final creation will be the most successful of producers. To know the difference in tempos, tones, dynamics, instrumentation, styles and moods helps you make original and innovative choices to finish your projects in the most professional way. We will be exploring simple techniques to build tracks, manipulate music using basic editing techniques and digital options, and then eventually begin to create original music even if you are not a studied musician. You will be taught how to analyze how the masters in film composing have created and then begin to follow those step by step formulas without having to knowing any music theory.

Associated Term: 2019 Fall
Registration Dates: Apr 03, 2019 to Sep 06, 2019
Registration Levels: Graduate, NonDegree Continuing Undergrad, Undergraduate

Japan Campus
Base Lecture Schedule Type
Classroom In-Person Instructional Method
Credit Hours: 4.000

Seats Available: 12

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 6:00 pm - 7:20 pm MWF Temple Japan Main Building 00502 Sep 02, 2019 - Dec 11, 2019 Base Lecture April T Perkinson-Farfan (P)E-mail

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