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Class Schedule Listing - 2020 Spring (Nov 13, 2019)


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Southeast Asian Politics - 40996 - ASST 3000 - 801
CL: POLS 3540 (801). Topical Section Description: Bounded by China, India and Australia, the eleven nations of Southeast Asia share a strategic location which is a frequent centre of great power rivalry. Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam present a remarkable diversity of ethnicity and language, religion, political institutions, and stages of economic development. Yet all but one of them is also a member of ASEAN, an influential regional multilateral institution, and shared events characterise much of their modern history. These include independence from colonial rule; the Vietnam War; rapid economic development as well as financial crises; and recent tension highlighted by disputes over the South China Sea. Key questions include what the rise of China means for the region; how Southeast Asia should engage with outside powers; the role of regionalism as exemplified by ASEAN; the record of economic integration; and the effects of human rights and democratisation. The course is focused on the region as a whole and its collective interaction with outside powers, but issues specific to each individual country will be addressed throughout the course. A key academic goal will be to write a major research paper on one issue of interest regarding Southeast Asia.

Associated Term: 2020 Spring
Registration Dates: Nov 03, 2019 to Jan 20, 2020
Registration Levels: Graduate, NonDegree Continuing Undergrad, Undergraduate

Japan Campus
Base Lecture Schedule Type
Classroom Instructional Method
Credit Hours: 3.000

Seats Available: 40

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 10:20 am - 11:20 am MWF TBA Jan 14, 2020 - Apr 22, 2020 Base Lecture Richard Louis Salmons (P)E-mail

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