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Class Schedule Listing - 2023 Spring (Apr 24, 2024)


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Cardiovascular Fitness for a Healthy Lifestyle - 49812 - KINS 1001 - 801
Topical Course Description: “Cardiovascular Fitness for a Healthy Lifestyle” is a course focused on the promotion of health through physical activity. Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement that results in energy expenditure. Through activities designed for the development and maintenance of the circulatory and respiratory systems aerobic capacity, participants engage in activities that increase muscular strength and flexibility through exercise. Additionally, participants will acquire information on developing and assessing aerobic fitness and the benefits of regular exercises on combating cardiovascular risk factors.

Associated Term: 2023 Spring
Registration Dates: Oct 30, 2022 to Jan 19, 2023
Registration Levels: NonDegree Continuing Undergrad, Undergraduate

Japan Campus
Lecture and Lab Schedule Type
Classroom In-Person Instructional Method
Credit Hours: 2.000

Seats Available: 4

Scheduled Meeting Times
Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm MW Temple Japan Main Building 00312 Jan 16, 2023 - Apr 26, 2023 Lecture and Lab Kathryn Tomaszynska (P)

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